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Brian is the illinest, killinest, mad flippin ginja ninja you’ve ever seen!

A full-time, professional freerunner and stuntman, Brian eats, breathes, and sleeps parkour. He lives in San Francisco and works in Los Angeles with his team, Tempest Freerunning. Having appeared in numerous TV shows, commercials, online ad campaigns, films, and live performances, he’s no stranger to entertainment.

Brian is most easily recognized for his repeated success on the Ninja Warrior series and his championship winning performance on G4’s parkour competition Jump City: Seattle. Among many other project, he has doubled the likes of Jay Leno and Steve Ballmer, performed live for Western Digital, Microsoft, Cartoon Network, and Allergan, and worked on commercials for Sony, 7 Eleven, Apple, and Virgin America. For a complete listing of Brian’s work check out his IMDB page or download his resume.

Read more about Brian by catching his latest thoughts and goings on in his blog.

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NoSole Approved!

Let’s see your stache. Real or fake, it doesn’t matter. We just wanna see your creativity shine! Show us your handy work with a Sharpie… knit a stache to keep your upper lip warm… shave a stache into your dog’s fur and then use the excess to give yourself one… whatever it is, we wanna see it. If it meets the grade, it’ll be “NoSole Approved” and be featured on his fan page. So let’s see what you’ve got!

Send your submissions to VivaElMustachio@gmail.com. In the subject line type “Check out my stache!”. Make sure your images are in .jpg format and no larger than 800×600 pixels. Put your name in the body of the email (so I can tag you in the photo) and any other info you want me to put in the caption. I can’t guarantee it will all make it in there, but if I dig your message or just think you’re funny, I’ll probably add it. Let’s give this album a fat upper lip!

NoSole Approved

NoSole Approved

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