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GuangDong Hui Yun Titanium Industry Corporation Limited (formerly known as YunFu Hui Yun Titanium Dioxide Co.,Ltd)established on September 28th, 2003 locates inside the base of Cyclic Economy Industrial Park, which is located in “Sulfur Centre of China” that’s Liudu Yun’an District,Yunfu City, Guangdong Province,China. Huiyun was on new OTCBB on January 11th ,2017, with the short name of “ HUI YUN TITANIUM INDUSTRY’ and stock code as “839598”. It’s a large modern refining chemical enterprise taking TiO2 production as core business, with refining acid 、steam resuing 、heat Co-generation、Co-product Ti-gypsum & polymerized ferrous sulfate as the supporting industry. 

The registered capital is 300 million RMB, covering an area of 220 thousand square meters, with staffs more than 1000. Its annual capacity of TiO2 is 100000 Ton per year, while annual capacity of Ti-gypsum 220000 Ton per year, annual capacity of anhydrous ferrous sulfate 180000 Ton per and polymeric ferric sulfate 120000 Ton per year,  achieving in good economic、social & ecological benefits.HuiYun has hi-tech and management talents, technicians and good skilled operators from all over China and abroad.

The company adheres to “Cyclic Economy” as the core concept of management, adheres to “reduction, reuse, recycle” as production principle, adheres to the policy of scientific development and technology innovation, making full use of the abundant production resources such as Yunfu pyrite mine, stone, cement and Panxi titaniferous ore, formed an integrated cyclic economy industry chain of  “S-Ti-Fe-Ca”. 

For years, the company has outstanding achievement in energy conservation, green production, resources recycling and technology renovation , awarded honors as“National High Tech Enterprise”, “Guangdong Green Manufacturing Enterprise”, “The Provincial Technology Centers Enterprise of Guangdong”, “Innovation Industrialization Demonstration Base of Guangdong Private Enterprise” , “Guangdong High Growth Small and Medium-Size Enterprise( Private Enterprise)”, “Guangdong Integrity Demonstration Enterprise”, “Guangdong Employer Liability Demonstration Enterprise”, “China TiO2 Top Ten Enterprise”, “Yunfu Cyclic Economy Demonstration Enterprise” and “Green Production of Sulfur Acid TiO2 and Cyclic Economy Industry Chain Demonstration Enterprise”, ”Yunfu Quality Company”.

It has established quality, environment, healthy safety management system and awarded ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification. The “yby” TiO2 from sulfuric acid production is Guangdong Famous-Brand Product, with Anatase product as HTA-301、HTA-201, Rutile product as R-666、R-668、R-18、R-K95; electronic grade as HT-2000; food grade as HT-1000FG. The products have characteristics of uniform particle size、excellent whiteness、blue undertone、high brightness & purity、good opacity、good dispersion and high stability, widely used in coating、plastic、rubber、paper-making、paint、ink and so on, and selling well all over China, also exported to America, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Korea, Malaysia、Philippine、India、Vietnam、Singapore and other countries.. 

The mission of HuiYun is to develop cyclic economy, to create good economic、ecological and social benefits. At the same time, it adheres to and try to realize harmonious development of Individuals, enterprise, environment and society, to implement strictly of green production, environmental production, energy conservation and recycling production, with improving automation of production equipment, strengthening treatment of sewage, dust, waste gas, noise. It’s believed that HuiYun will become China TiO2 important production base, technology innovation base, demonstration base of cyclic economy in the near future, also one of comprehensive enterprise which has great influence on titanium dioxide in the world.